2A - CC: Introduction to Book Branding & Cover Design

What makes a great book cover and how can you turn it into a powerful and recognizable brand (and why should you)?

It’s cliché but true: everyone judges a book by its cover. And since your name will be stamped across that cover, you want to make sure the artwork truly expresses your book’s message—and entices readers to pay attention. But book branding is about more than a great cover design. How can you create a design that not only engages your target audience but also helps build your personal brand and maybe even grow your business too?

Watch Rohit share an overview of how the team at Ideapress approaches building a great cover and brand for a book—and all the factors you’ll need to consider when developing a branding strategy and cover design.


[VIDEO] - "Inside Random House: 'The Art of Cover Design'" | Penguin Random House


This video is an interesting dive into the artistic perspectives of cover design from cover designers themselves. It exemplifies how these designers consider both the market appeal of their designs, but also how well they fit with the writing in the book itself.

[ARTICLE] - "How to Design the Best Book Cover in 8 Simple Steps" by Dave Chesson


This guide to designing your own cover is perfect for those looking to self-publish, but also helpful for those who just want to give input on the cover design for their book(s). It also includes a phenomenal TED Talk about cover design by Chip Kidd (which is also listed in the resources for session 2C).

[ARTICLE] - "The Anatomy of a Book Cover: A Guide for Authors" by a Writer's Digest Guest


This article explains the importance of strategically designing often forgotten aspects of a cover, such as the spine and chosen typography. This is not an exhaustive piece, but it may be useful as a complementary resource.

[WEBSITE] - SPINE Magazine


This webpage consists of a collection of artists’ experiences designing covers. Anecdotal as it is, it may be of interest for those looking to design a cover to read why these artists made the choices they did for each design.

[WEBSITE] - brandbook


When developing a cover design, many fail to consider possible special effects that can be used to make a book stand out. This list of printing effects serves as a source of further inspiration for authors and publishers to think about the best possible cover for their work.

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