6A - Introduction To Social Media Strategy

When it comes to social media, there is lot of conflicting advice out there. You'll read about authors who believe deeply that it's the secret of success, and others who are non-believers. What's the truth and how do you decide how much of your own time and effort to invest into social media for your book launch? In this short video, you'll learn the four key elements of social media strategy and how to use this proven model to decide exactly where to focus and what to prioritize in your social media strategy. Watch this first, then dig deeper into the topics that interest you most from the rest of this section!


[TEMPLATE] - Social Media Strategy | The Non-Obvious Guide to Marketing and Branding



As used in this session, the linked template concisely outlines social media strategy from the Non-Obvious Guide to Marketing & Branding (for which a purchasing link is also included)

[VIDEO] - "8 Social Media Engagement Hacks, Strategies, and Tips" | Marketing Solved


Since this section outlines the core strategies to marketing with social media, it seems relevant to include this list of insightful social media hacks to increase user engagement with your social media posts.

[PODCAST] - "Social media competition rules - a quick reference guide" | Competition Curious


As used in this session, the linked template concisely outlines social media strategy from the Non- For those considering utilizing social media competitions in their book marketing, it is helpful to understand the rules of running competitions on each social media platform. 

[ARTICLE] - "11 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following" by Julia Campbell


Throughout this course it is emphasized that building a social media following is of the utmost importance while - and, even more importantly, before - promoting a book. But how is that actually done? This guide gives several actionable suggestions for how to go about obtaining followers on social media, however best fits your mission and brand.

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