4A - CC: An Introduction to Book Marketing Strategy

With so many different ways to market your book, developing a strategy to hone your focus becomes crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. The first place that any marketing and promotional plan for a book should start is with some key strategic questions. In this session, Rohit will take you through some of the most important questions to ask yourself as you start to think about your book marketing strategy and show you how Ideapress approaches every marketing conversation for a book launch.


[VIDEO] - "Strategies for Marketing Your Book" | NY Book Editors


This interview with book marketer Pia Silva discusses the benefits and drawbacks of several marketing strategies to promote your book. Personal experiences with each method may give you a better understanding of what to expect with these ideas.

[VIDEO] - "How to Market a Book" | Daniel Greene


This video offers some great tips to market your book, notably developing and practicing different types of pitches. While Greeneā€™s experiences are fiction-oriented, his advice is applicable to books across different genres.

[ARTICLE] - "Paid Media vs. Earned Media vs. Shared Media vs. Owned Media" by Elizaveta Shkurina


This guide is briefly shown and explained in the case study, but may be useful for learners to have for continuous reference.

[ARTICLE] - "Act Like a Marketer, Think Like a Customer" by Melissa Mullen


Although this blogpost highlights social media campaigns for larger corporations, the advice it offers for spreading positive brand awareness is applicable to your book promotion. Your brand as an author requires you to be genuine with your audience, and a saturated market requires creative marketing.

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